Ready for a sustainable future.

DANDOY is a family company. We’re proud to have passed on our knowledge from generation to generation. As a future-oriented organisation, the coming generations are very important to us – so making our business sustainable is essential.

We put great effort in reducing our CO2 emissions, limit our influence on traffic and emphasise waste management at all times. We care deeply for the safety and wellbeing of our colleagues. The result? A better service for the days to come.

With great care for our environment.

CO2 management

With a better fleet, adaptive driving hours and eco driving, we drastically reduce our carbon emissions.

Improved safety

Efficient trucks, secure warehousing and experienced workers – all hand in hand for optimal risk-management.

Specific measures for the environment

Our CO2 emissions reduction plan is threefold. Firstly, we invest in better trucks and engines. Thanks to our own workshop, we always ensure every truck is working in peak condition. Secondly, DANDOY’s drivers are regularly trained to drive ecologically. That way, fuel consumption is more efficient, too. Lastly, we use groupage transport to make sure every trailer is loaded in the most efficient way possible – limiting empty hours on our way as well.


In addition, DANDOY pays close attention to the road. By optimising our delivery times, we avoid putting too much stress on traffic congestion. Delivery at night, for example, helps us to avoid peak hours. If possible, we also deliver intermodally (i.e. via train).



Improved safety

Caring for our environment also means making safety one of our top priorities. Since we frequently handle dangerous goods, our colleagues receive regular training to stay up to date. By combining that with safe warehouses and a proper fleet, we keep our services risk-free at all times.